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TOMAC Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd has been dedicated to coil handling systems since 1997. With more than 20 years of experience, TOMAC has started to concentrate on researching into sheet metal handling with emphasizing on coil tension control, shearing and slitting. TOMAC has become the largest manufacturer of designing and manufacturing coil processing lines in Asia Pacific region.

TOMAC also cooperates closely with worldwide leading European manufacturer on variety of projects in steel coil handling industry and press feeding industry. We are the only company providing European control system for coil handling system in Asia. With the energy regeneration technology, it offers the feedback to our other components with the finishing line for power saving propose.

For our feeding system business, we have very experienced machine design for the wide and thick material in the past years. Now, we also develop the feeding line automation, auto loading and auto threading assisting, to satisfy different customer’s expectation.

With our innovative R&D team in both mechanical and electrical control system, we ensure our customers not only on the mechanical design, but also on mechatronics system solutions for different applications.

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    Coil / Press feeding

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Metal Forming Industry

  • Cut to length system

    Cut to
    Length System

    We consistently research into sheet metal handling quality with emphasize on coil tension control, roll leveling, press feeding and shear cutting/slitting.

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  • Press feeding & Coil handling system

    Press Feeding &
    Coil Handling System

    From narrow sheet metal coils to extra wide coils, or even thin to think coils, our machines have widely applied to every little different type of applications

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  • Slitting Line System

    Slitting Line

    We processes a wide range of different materials, and sheet metals -including stainless steel, aluminum, hot rolled, cold rolled and surface treated coil.

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Stamping & coil handling finishing lines are used in many different industries.