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  • polishing line
  • polishing line

Specifications & Information


Coil weight Strip width Strip Thickness Production Speed Material types
Max. 30, 000 kg Max. 2000 mm 0.3~3.2 mm up to 30 m/min Stainless steel, aluminium coil


  • 01


    1. Coil I.D from 508 mm and 610 mm.
    2. Constant back tension with AC Servo Motor drive.
    3. Automatic coil height and centerline adjustment.
  • 02


    1. Motorized adjustment with setting and data display.
    2. Improve coilset residual stress.
  • 03

    Polishing unit

    1. Cooperate with Internationally renowned brand.
  • 04

    Tension Unit

    1. Tension roll driven to ensure the smoothness of recoiling.
    2. Belt or wool felt.
  • 05

    Adjustable Defrector Roll

    1. The height of defrector roll is able to be adjusted. According to the material characteristics, it can be adjusted to the suitable angle to recoil.
  • 06


    1. 5 pieces wedge type seamless arc plate with hard chrome plated treatment to reduce the damage of coil inner layer.
    2. AC servo Motor control with constant tension recoiling.
    3. Coil I.D from 508 mm and 610 mm.