From narrow sheet metal coils to extra wide coils

Our press stamping and coil handling finishing lines are used in many different industries.
From narrow sheet metal coils to extra wide coils, or even thin to thick coils, our machines have widely applied to every little different type of applications.

Automotive Industry

In automotive industry, many of our machine applications include car body, chasses, disc brakes and other essential components in leading European and Japanese automotive manufacturer. Ultra-high tensile strength materials are often found in this application for the newly developed automotive components and our coil handling machines are often used to handle such jobs.


Advancing materials from aerospace industry is often found to be required with careful coil handling purposes. The internal residual stress is required to be evened and cancelled. This requires our precision leveling method to ensure such projects are delivered.

Coil Service Center

With our cut-to-length and slitting finishing lines, we provide coil service centers with state of the art technology for our customers in carbon steel, stainless steel and many other components. Our 6-Hi leveling machine provide solutions to common coil problems which many of coil service centers have. The leveling processes neutralize internal residual stresses and provide stress free coil sheets.

Building Technology

Cooperating with world leading European bearing manufacturer, our machine is used to manufacture different types of bearings and linear guideways for different applications. Our double head uncoiler with precision leveler specially for bearing applications is often found to be a common solution for such application.

Blanking Line

Our large scale coil blanking line has been widely used in many different industries to blank out different geometry and shape. TOMAC cooperate closely with leading technology customers and open discussion for large blanking projects. Our blanking line solutions have been applied widely around the world.


Our small precision leveler gives out superior leveling performance which allow premium European watch maker to manufacture such fine and delicate components. Watch maker utilize our machines to add values to their craftsmanship in order to provide such precision time watches.

Computer / Communication Industry

World largest manufacturer use our coil lines to mass produce computer components for the popular IT and smart phone industry. The coil lines used in these industries are often run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without rest to produce such precision components.

Motor Industry

Our lamination line solution for motors has been widely used in the motor manufacturer around the world. With the precise high speed coil handling, our machine can provide such accurate handling without any problems. Our machines have been a great solutions to high speed manufacturing.