Toptran's Innovation RD Team

TOMAC Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1997 with Japanese technology collaboration, is the largest manufacturer of design and manufacturing department in coil handling system in the Asia Pacific region.

Besides our head office in Taiwan, we also have two branches in Ningbo and Huai'an to provide instant services for the greater China region. On the other hand, Taiwan office is providing the service for the overseas market.

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    Toptran has a R&D team that accounted for 20% of the company's revenue, which fully exemplifies the manufacturer's commitment in hard-innovation. We specialized in solving all sorts of challenges in the automatic coil handling industry, and with the niche, emerges with innovative, advanced technological.

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    Product development

    Due to material defects caused by slitting residual stress or uneven cooling by steel manufacturer, Toptran Machinery Co., LTD has conducted intensive researches toward Steel and aluminum Coil mechanic structures and behaviors, and technologies in cut to length line, Rotary shear line and slitting line.

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    A strong and innovative R&D team

    Toptran Machinery has a strong and innovative R&D team, Toptran do not only supply standard coil handling equipment, but also allow customers to get involved with the technical discussion and allow customizations.

    With all these advantages, Toptran is able to achieve top quality coil handling equipment and provide the best services possible.

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    Globally recognized brand

    By continuously strict self-driven, Toptran has built up a well-known reputation and now is a globally recognized brand in the coil handling market.

TOMAC Principles

Continuous innovations

In Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd, we believe the ways of sustainable development and persistent corporate ethics are to give a prompt service of customer problem, continuous innovations, and quality control.

  • Customer service

    Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd aims to reply the customer question promptly. The excellent after-sale service is the important part of our company principle. No matter the require or any question, TOMAC service team will do our best to reply within shortest time and provide the solution/ instruction as soon as possible.

    In additional, TOMAC service team has received periodically training to enhance itself. We only choose the well - experienced service engineer to provide the service with positive attitude and efficient working.

  • Continuous innovations

    Technological advancement is Toptran's greatest asset. Having R&D and technicians involved in projects that specifically aim at the automation and blending the notion of industrial 4.0 into the feeding line. Toptran's R&D leader engaged in ongoing research projects and led Toptran's R&D team in more revolutionary solutions in developing sustainable, energy-saving production line.

    In addition

    Detailed analyses of coil mechanic structures and characteristics for steel and aluminum coil are conducted in order to explore greater relations and solutions between Tomac machineries and the machined materials.

  • Quality control

    Besides Toptran's self-driven attempts in the areas, the quality standards and management regulation that Toptran has received in order to meet and comply to differing regional demands - including TÜV CERT ISO 9001:2000, German TÜV CE and the renewed CE Certificate to the updated CE regulation in 2016.


A globally recognized brand in the coil handling market.

2016 9

TOMAC completed design and manufacturing of auto loading and threading assistance function for 3 in 1 compact feeders to save coil loading time and increased production efficiency.

  • 2015 6

    Devoted to coil steel handling system innovation and expanded our product range to coil steel slitting and rotary shearing. Completed the design of professional Slitting Line and Rotary Shear Line for coil center company.

  • 2014 11

    Completed the design of TLN7-600 with advanced recoiling function. This structure is aiming for heavy gauge material recoiling which could recoil the material perfectly and store. A material saving and time saving solution.

  • 2014 7

    Completed the 1st stage of factory in Huai’an to improve the productivity. Address: No.78, Xuyang Rd, Huai’an Economic &Technological Develop Zone, Huai’an, Jiangsu, China.

  • 2013 6

    The construction of Huai’ an plant began.

  • 2012 9

    To enhance the straightening performance, TOMAC had designed the adjustable back-up roller for wide material, thick material, and heavy duty type machine.

  • 2012 11

    A 45000 m² land in Huai’ an Economic & Technological Development zone, Huai’ an, Jiangsu, China were purchased. TOMAC Machinery Technology (Huai’ an) Co., Ltd was established.

  • 2011 8

    Completed the development of the TLF7-600 cradle type heavy duty uncoiler for the high tensile material to ensure the operators’safety.

  • 2010 8

    With the CE policy changed, TOMAC renewed the Low Voltage Directive , Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and Machinery Directive.

  • 2010 3

    Completed the development of the high speed feeder (TNM-200) to achieve 600SPM.

  • 2009 12

    Completed the development of the belt bridle for the slitting line.

  • 2009 9

    Relocated Taiwan headquarters and expanded operation to Gui-Shan district, Taoyuan, Taiwan to improve the design, productivity, and manufacturing.

  • 2008 12

    Completed the design of 3 in 1 type straightener feeder w/uncoiler (TLF8-700) for super thick material and high strength manterial. The max. thickness of the material application is up to 17 mm.

  • 2008 11

    Complete the research and development for uncoiler and recoiler equipment of Slitting line.

  • 2008 7

    Completed the development of S-LOOP Type High Speed Precision Straightener.

  • 2008 5

    Completed the development of the measure roller on TLN3-500 machine.

  • 2008 4

    Completed the 2nd stage of Ningbo TOMAC factory.

  • 2008 2

    Completed the development of NC Roll Feeder, TRN-H Series, for heavy gauge material; and TNC-200HS, for high speed feeding line.

  • 2007 1

    Completed the development of Zig-Zag NC Roll Feeder, TRN-Z Series.

  • 2006 8

    An 8000 square meters' land in GuiShan Dist, Taoyuan City, Taiwan were purchased for headquarter manufacturing plant expansion.

  • 2005 1

    Completed development of Extra Wide Precision straightener. TFL-1600.

  • 2004 11

    The 1st stage of Ningbo TOMAC factory is completed, and achieved productivity improvement. Address: No.889. Zhongguan Rd., Zhenhai Economic Developing Zone, District A2, Ningbo, China.

  • 2004 5

    Completed the automatic straightener head opening design and Heavy Duty TLF4 Series 3 in 1 compact feeder.

  • 2003 4

    Completed TLF1-17-300F Series 3 in 1 Compact line for thin and fine metal coil production.

  • 2003 2

    Completed the back-up roller design of TLF3-1000 Series, commenced production of Extra Wide Metal Coil production line.

  • 2002 7

    Ningbo TOMAC Machinery Co., Ltd. commenced production of press feeding equipment- uncoiler, straightener, NC feeder & 3 in 1 compact machine. Branch offices were established in Shenzhen and Suzhou, China.

  • 2002 7

    Granted TUV CERT ISO 9001:2000 for meeting international quality standards.

  • 2002 2

    Launched TFL Series of precision straighteners for thin and fine metal coil materials for manufacturers in mobile phones and opto-electronics industries.

  • 2002 1

    A 12000 m² land in Zhenhai Economic Develop Zone, Ningbo, China were purchased to establish the business of Ningbo TOMAC Machinery Co., Ltd. for the China domestic market.

  • 2001 12

    Received TÜV CE Mark Certificate approval.

  • 1998 3

    Commenced supplying of 3 in 1 Servo Straightener Feeder with Uncoiler for computer casing companies.

  • 1997 9

    Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd. established with Japanese technology focusing on design, manufacture & sales of automatic feeders for the metal stamping industry.