Core Capability

For many years now, we have been the global pioneer and high-tech company for coil handling purpose machinery. With continuous improvement in technology and innovation, we are one of the largest coil handling manufacturers in the world. In order to provide the best quality machines with on-site servicing ability, our multinational service teams are able to provide our customers local servicing plans to ensure our machines are tuned to the finest adjustments in a very short period of time.

To achieve this innovation and customer's satisfaction, we approach each and every innovated technology details with customer oriented way of tackling each engineering projects. We exchange technical information with our customers, cooperate with world leading university and invest heavily in our R&D departments. As a result, we maintain our leading market position with our leading innovation for coil handling technology and also work on the basis for our customer's future success!

Research & Development

Metal forming industry

We have been one of the most research and development driven company in the metal forming industry. We consistently research into sheet metal handling quality with emphasize on coil tension control, roll leveling, press feeding and shear cutting/slitting.

With our innovative R&D team in both mechanical and electrical control system, we ensure our customers not only on the mechanical design solutions, but also on mechatronics system solutions for different applications.

TOMAC also cooperate closely with world leading European manufacturer on variety of projects in coil handling industry and press feeding industry. We constantly apply the latest technology to our customer also allow customer cooperation for customization projects.

In addition, TOMAC also work with leading university academics to prove our design theory and machine performance.

Coil / Press feeding

Combining Japanese & European technology

Coil/ Press feeding has been a very long history of our technical experiences. Combining Japanese and European technology, we have transformed press feeding technical details from traditional mechanical roller feed to advancing in precision servo controlled feeding with coil auto loading and auto threading. We guarantee our feed line with high productivity throughout the complete service.

We provide solutions from the basic 2 in 1 series with uncoiler and straightener with separate feeder, 3 in 1 compact feed lines, blanking lines and fine blanking lines. Our coil/press feeding solutions ranges from automotive industries, 3C industries, building industries to aerospace industries.

Coil handling Finishing lines

Our cut-to-length and slitting finishing lines offer solutions with the most advancing European technical solutions. We processes a wide range of different materials, and sheet metals -including stainless steel, aluminum, hot rolled, cold rolled and surface treated coil. Thanks to our world leading control system, we provide energy regeneration to feedback to our other components within the finishing line.

We use multi-servo control axis to ensure the finishing line is controlled in synchronization. Our cut to length finishing lines has solutions from stop-cut, flying shear to rotary shear application. Our slitting lines provide solution with double slitter head to ensure high productivity.