Machine Photo

Hydrauilc Support Arm & Uncoiler


Scrap Rewinder

Tension Unit & Deburring Wheel

Deflector Roll & Back Threading Table

Recoiler & Hydrauilc Hold Down Arm


Coil weight Strip width Strip Thickness Production Speed Material types
Max. 30, 000 kg Max. 2000 mm Max. 12 mm Max. 200 m/min Stainless steel, aluminium, cold rolled, hot rolled & surface treated coil


  • 01


    • Coil I.D from 508 mm and 610 mm
    • Constant back tension with AC Servo Motor drive
    • Automatic coil height and centerline adjustment
  • 02


    • Motorized adjustment with setting and data display
    • Improve coilset residual stress
  • 03

    Loop pit

    • Elevator type threading table to adjust the depth of loop according by material characteristic
  • 04


    • Mutltiple slitter units can be exchange for the time saving
    • Knife blade axis adjustment for screw gear backlash elimination.
    • AC Servo driven
  • 05


    • Vertical type rewinder retrieves the scrap material with the conveyor for scrap coil removing.
  • 06

    Loop pit

    • Swing type threading table threads the material easily and provide enough buffering space for the loop
  • 07

    Tension Unit

    • Belt Bridle driven to ensure the smoothness of recoiling
    • Belt or wool felt
  • 08

    Adjustable Defrector Roll

    • The height of defrector roll is able to be adjusted. According to the material characteristics, it can be adjusted to the suitable angle to recoil.
  • 09


    • 5 pieces wedge type seamless arc plate with hard chrome plated treatment to reduce the damage of coil inner layer
    • AC servo Motor control with constant tension recoiling
    • Coil I.D from 508 mm and 610 mm